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Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Our Staff Makes the Difference:
As the region’s premiere dog and cat care and lodging facility we attract and hire only the best.


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


“Shedless” Dog and Cat Grooming:
Our customers call this treatment “amazing” and highly recommend it to anyone interested in controlling your dog or cats hair in their home. And that’s just one of our services!


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Let’s Get Started:
We can’t wait to meet your dog or cat best friend and look forward to making he or she a friend of ours as well. Give us a call or click here to use our handy, on-line form.


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center



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My beautiful dog, Jayden, and I are very loyal customers to Kountry

Pet Resort.  My dog Jayden, a 10 lb. Shih-tzu/ Poodle mix, is always very

excited to come into your spa and leaves smelling and feeling

wonderful! (It's true, she told me.)  As a dog owner you always want

your pet to be safe, healthy, and happy.  Sometimes it is hard to make

sure that the hands you are giving your dog to are good hands.  At

Kountry Pet Resort I truly believe that my dog is in good hands.  She has

a sweet temper naturally and loves humans and other dogs so this is a

great place for her to socialize with other dogs and get some really

great exercise! Because we all know a tired dog is a happy dog! She

always is very well groomed instead of some places that just hack away

at their hair instead of detangling her knots she can sometimes get.

Nothing compares to the love that you have when you have your first

dog , however, I know that when my dog is at Kountry Pet Resort she is

loved just enough for me to be a reoccurring customer, which is a lot!


Thanks so much for making my experience such a great one, always!



Kelsey Marie Liebich

cocker.jpgMy name is Irene and I get my dog groomed at Kountry Pet Resort.  The groomers are wonderful and always do a great job on my dog Coco.  The staff is courteous, efficient, and makes you feel at ease whenever we come for an appointment. My husband and I highly recommend Kountry Pet Resort to anyone that wants the best for their pet.

Irene Katz-Kingston  

Max.jpgAlexis.jpgMy name is Alexis and my brother’s name is Max, we are two Tibetan Terriers. We love to visit Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center at least every six weeks. We love to be shampooed and groomed. I love when they trim my nails and rub my belly. We give sweet licks to all the employees at Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center for treating Max and I like a prince and princess during our stay.

My brother and I especially love spending our time at camp. We have our own V.I.P. suite with a soft bed and a television. We have all the toys to play with that any dog would dream of. The staff pays special attention to Max and me by playing with us all day at camp at Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center.

My brother and I love to be spoiled with love and in return we love everyone back. When our Master informs Max and me we are going to have a spa day; we dance around the house with excitement until our carriage arrives to take us to our favorite place Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center.

We cannot wait to arrive to such a wonder place where we are treated the same way our master treats us in our own home. When we arrive at Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center, Max and I is receive like the prince and princess of a foreign country. I just love it. It makes my toe nails tingle and I am so embarrassed because my tail wags uncontrollably.   Our master will only leave us with people that he trusts. This is why we love our master so much.  Our master knows that we are so happy to visit Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center we asked him if we could return every two or four weeks.

Max and I hope one day we can meet the pet in your life at Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center. Max and I know they will be very happy and well taken care of at Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center. In return your pet will return home happy and love you for the wonderful Spa day you provided them.

 "Alexis" and "Max" Chmura-Bartlett 

schna.jpgWe are Mimmi and Peppi, two miniature schnauzers who love Kountry Pet Resort.  We especially enjoy day camp with all our canine friends and caring caretakers.  We feel safe and loved during our overnight extended stays as well.  Our groomers are very gentle and there is no where else we would rather go.  Tell your owners to bring you to play with us at Kountry Pet Resort.


Mimmi & Peppi 

doggettingabath.jpgOur dogs Ellie and Shelby have gone to Kountry Pet Resort for boarding and grooming for a number of years.  It is a wonderful facility with a great staff that makes us feel comfortable leaving our "kids" in their care.  They receive plenty of attention and love to visit. We recommend Kountry Pet Resort to all of our friends.

The Pitz Family-Dundee

puppydog.JPGSequoia just loves when she comes to board at Kountry Pet Resort.  Her tail just wags and she's always happy when she comes home.  The grooming never leaves her traumatized and we always get wonderful compliments on her grooming.  The personnel at Kountry Pet Resort are just exceptional and you always feel that your pet is well taken care of.

Cecelia Walczak-Algonquin

daisybielinski.JPGA Delightful Staff!

My dogs are taken care of with professional and caring care.  If they are spending time for a stay or getting groomed, they come to Kountry Pet Resort HAPPY and come home HAPPY!  That's what it's all about!!

Sharon Koonce-Huntley


golden.jpgWe love the Shedless grooming treatment.  We see less clumps of hair around the house and our dog Caleb looks healthy.  His coat is shiny and soft.  We can actually pet him without walking away with a handful of hair.  We highly recommend this treatment!
Karen and Mike Schulte-St. Charles


Our two Siberian Huskies Togo & Ipo visit Kounty Pet Resort for grooming, lodging and camp.  Kirsten and the staff take such good care of them, we never have to worry.  The best evidence is with our dogs.   They love going to Kountry Pet Resort and we know it's because they are treated as we treat them in our house.

The Walkers

chow.jpgMy name is Denise of Naperville and I am a proud owner of two chow chows, Chowmein and Kiko. I have been using Kountry Pet Resort as a boarding facility for a number of years and have always had a very pleasurable experience with this organization.  Kirsten and her group are extremely helpful, responsive and attentive when it comes to me and my dogs’ needs.  When I am away on vacation I know that my dogs are in great hands and when returned are always in a good mood.  I have also used Kountry Pet Resort for grooming purposes and highly recommend their baths.  My dogs smell great for at least a week and I can’t say that about their regular groomer! Thank you again to everyone at Kountry Pet Resort.  I wish all my service experiences were as pleasurable.