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Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


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As the region’s premiere dog and cat care and lodging facility we attract and hire only the best.


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


“Shedless” Dog and Cat Grooming:
Our customers call this treatment “amazing” and highly recommend it to anyone interested in controlling your dog or cats hair in their home. And that’s just one of our services!


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center


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We can’t wait to meet your dog or cat best friend and look forward to making he or she a friend of ours as well. Give us a call or click here to use our handy, on-line form.


Kountry Pet Resort & Training Center



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Dear Kirsten and Kountry Pet Resort Team,tomilins.jpg

I wanted to let you know that we are relocating to North Carolina
and that we and our furry kids are going to miss you very very much!
We have had a wonderful 11 years with you and I've never come
across a facility like yours with such professional, caring and
trusting people. I don't know what we are going to do without you.

Our pets view you all as family and so do we.

Your training team did an incredible job with Daisy May,
and she has become the most lovable and well behaved girl.
Going through your training set the foundation and baseline for that.
I was amazed with what you did in such a short time, and would
recommend you to anyone. Your course is not just for
pets with behavioral issues, but also to set the learning for young
pets which is what you did for us.

Fond regards,
Bill and Jennifer Tomilin 


Our two Siberian Huskies Togo & Ipo visit Kounty Pet Resort for grooming, lodging and camp.  Kirsten and the staff take such good care of them, we never have to worry.  The best evidence is with our dogs.   They love going to Kountry Pet Resort and we know it's because they are treated as we treat them in our house.


The Walkers


I just wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of Luna and Mac on Sept. 11-13. You may recall our house was on Elgin's historic house walk on Sept. 12 and we all had to vacate. Taking Mac and Luna to a kennel was, by far, the most stressful aspect of this event, as we have never had them stay at a kennel. Well, you removed all the stress. And the biggest bonus was the recommendation to have Luna groomed while she was with you. She has a very tough background - she was used for dog fighting as a puppy, and has NEVER tolerated much grooming. The lady at the desk assured us they would be gentle and take their time and get to know her first. We were thrilled to see her all cleaned up and learn you did not need to use a muzzle and that she did just fine. Every time I look at her, I smile. She looks so great and is probably a lot more comfortable. Thank you to everyone who took care of our kiddos. We would not hesitate to come to you again and Luna will be back for more grooming. Thanks again!


The Savel family - Moira, Scott, Miranda and Luna and Mac

beagle.jpgI have been taking my beagle Elton to Kountry Pet Resort since he was 6 months old, he will be 13 years old in September 2009.  I can not say enough about Kountry Pet Resort.  I never worry about my little guy while we are away from him.  Elton has some severe eye issues and takes meds daily, when we pick him up his eyes are in tip top shape and his tail is wagging as always.  He is freshly groomed and he looks like a pup again.  As we are approaching the Kennel in the car, he starts to bark and pace back in forth, I know it is because he is happy that he is headed to Kountry Kennel to be with all his friends. Elton is not only a part of our family but is a part of yours too!  Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  

The Florio Family-Bartlett 

Hi, once again Elton came home looking like a champ.  I can not thank you enough for the care that you give my little guy.  I am not sure what you guys do over there but every time he comes back from KK he looks younger and more vibrant, his eyes look great too.  He has not had any episodes of his colitis and looks just amazing for a 13 year old pup. 

Thanks again!

smalldogholdingleash.jpgHello All, I had my girls in the Diva Suite all weekend (Pebbles & Delilah) and I left them with you all with a very heavy heart as we rescued them from puppy mills (via ESRA) just a few weeks ago.  I brought them to you scared and broken and I got back dogs!  They can now go to the bathroom without an escort to the backyard, they are so playful and they even chewed up one of my daughter’s toys last night!I am so happy with the results of individual playtime and your care!Thanks so much!
Deb Huffman-Bartlett

chow.jpgMy name is Denise of Naperville and I am a proud owner of two chow chows, Chowmein and Kiko. I have been using Kountry Pet Resort as a boarding facility for a number of years and have always had a very pleasurable experience with this organization.  Kirsten and her group are extremely helpful, responsive and attentive when it comes to me and my dogs’ needs.  When I am away on vacation I know that my dogs are in great hands and when returned are always in a good mood.  I have also used Kountry Pet Resort for grooming purposes and highly recommend their baths.  My dogs smell great for at least a week and I can’t say that about their regular groomer! Thank you again to everyone at Kountry Pet Resort.  I wish all my service experiences were as pleasurable.



lab.jpgWoody, our yellow lab, has been vacationing at Kountry Pet Resort since he was just under a year old-he is almost 9.  We all love this place for the staff and their commitment to the pets.  Woody gets so excited when we bring him to Kountry Pet Resort that he dances in our car the whole way to Kountry Pet Resort.  He loves Kamp and the Kounselors, as well as the attention he gets.  There are some days when I go to pick him up that he doesn't want to come home!  He'll flop down in the parking lot and I need help to get him in the car!  Thanks to your staff I feel good about leaving him with you.

Susan Majka-St. Charles

airdale.jpgKountry Pet Resort is the only place I would trust my dog Molly to.  It's clean and safe.  The staff is well-trained and they treat both me and Molly as if we were their only clients.  Molly starts to get excited before we even turn into the parking lot.  I feel very confident about leaving her in their care because I know she'll be treated with almost as much love as she gets at home.
Betty Vitale-St. Charles

theorr.jpgKountry Pet Resort is amazing!  Our dog Murphy goes to Kamp Kountry Pet Resort every week.  She loves it!  Everyone there is so nice and so great with animals.  Murphy barks the whole way there and races in the door when we get there.  Murphy also stays there when we go on vacation.  Their facilities are incredible.  They have many options for overnight stays, including suites with real beds.  The Winnie the Pooh room is Murphy's favorite!"

Tracey Carlstedt-Gilberts

dogcat.jpgMy crew can't wait to go when they see that Kountry Pet Resort van pull up.  I use Kountry Pet Resort a lot and I have NEVER had a dog come home sick, dirty, or smelly.  They always come home happy.  The staff is always very friendly and accommodating.
Patti Dougherty-Carpentersville

doginwater.jpgArrow and Sydney enjoy their vacation away from home at the resort in a room suite (the soccer room) that I am sure they believe is theirs.  I know that they are safe in a clean, healthy environment.  Sydney's medicine is administered timely, ensuring her a much longer life.  Their bath nails, and teeth brushing the day I pick them up, advises them that they are going home.  Schedule is very important to these two dogs.  Kountry Pet Resort is a unique dog resort and the next best thing to being home.

Sharon Hambrock-Elgin

doggettingabath.jpgOur dogs Ellie and Shelby have gone to Kountry Pet Resort for boarding and grooming for a number of years.  It is a wonderful facility with a great staff that makes us feel comfortable leaving our "kids" in their care.  They receive plenty of attention and love to visit. We recommend Kountry Pet Resort to all of our friends.

The Pitz Family-Dundee

puppydog.JPGSequoia just loves when she comes to board at Kountry Pet Resort.  Her tail just wags and she's always happy when she comes home.  The grooming never leaves her traumatized and we always get wonderful compliments on her grooming.  The personnel at Kountry Pet Resort are just exceptional and you always feel that your pet is well taken care of.

Cecelia Walczak-Algonquin

tibetanterrier.jpgOur four dogs love Kountry Pet Resort!  They love it so much, we can't mention Kirsten's name until we're ready to take them there for their vacation because they get too excited.  They love those treats, brunch, and suites.  My husband and I are so glad they are there.
Nancy Ann Novak-St. Charles

chihauhuha.jpgBoth my husband and I travel for our jobs and it is a HUGE weight lifted knowing that our dogs are well cared for.  The dogs actually love going to the Kennel for their stay and they walk right in and to the kennel door.  Even with medication and special care for one of our dogs, Kountry Pet Resort has been caring, thorough, and professional.  We've been coming for at least 6 years.
Thank you Kountry Pet Resort!!
Michele Calhoun-St. Charles

puggle.jpgKountry Pet Resort has truly become a second home to our puggle, Sadie.  With our two children in college, we have had to travel quite often.  Knowing that Sadie is being treated so well is a great feeling.  Sadie loves Kountry Pet Resort! The staff is absolutely wonderful and the Pet Resort is immaculate!

Anne Doyen-Elgin

bernese.jpgAs a frequent traveler over the past 11 years and having to board our pets throughout the year, it has been very comforting to know of the excellent care they have received at Kountry Pet Resort.
Karen Bishop-Elburn

papillon.jpgKountry Pet Resort is Mac's VACATION when we go on vacation.  He gets all excited in the truck when he realizes where we are going.  When we walk in the front door, he bolts for the back.  We love the Kamp and all the little extras they give him.  The staff and Kamp Kounselors are awesome and I feel very comfortable leaving our special family member with them.

 Tamara Olszewski-South Barrington


daisybielinski.JPGA Delightful Staff!

My dogs are taken care of with professional and caring care.  If they are spending time for a stay or getting groomed, they come to Kountry Pet Resort HAPPY and come home HAPPY!  That's what it's all about!!

Sharon Koonce-Huntley


poolpic.JPGWe have been taking our two dogs Willow and Tulley here since they were little puppies, about 3 1/2 years.  They love coming to Kountry Pet Resort.  They get so excited when we pull into the Kountry Pet Resort driveway.  They love Day Kamp and we also put them in the Suites when we go on vacation.  The people who work there are FANTASTIC.  You can tell they all love animals.  I wish I could stay there myself.

Terry and Cathy Drew-Huntley

We have two dogs and three cats.  The dogs ABSOLUTELY LOVE to go to Kountry Pet Resort.  One is an old dog who doesn't like to go anywhere but Kountry Pet Resort.  Even our cats, who don't like to go anywhere, come home from Kountry Pet Resort in good spirits.  My dad was a vet who boarded animals, so I'm aware of the behind-the-scenes activity and have high standards because of this inside information.  I thoroughly and whole-heartedly recommend Kountry Pet Resort to everyone who wants top quality care for their pets.
Melanie Slouka-Bartlett

yorkie.jpgKirsten and her staff are like a second family to our furry boys Beau and Buck.  Our furry boys are like children to us and the Kountry Pet Resort's Team recognizes that.  We trust them and our boys love them.  The premises are pristine and the care is outstanding.  We often tell our friends that we wish we could have that kind of care and attention given to us during our vacations.  If our boys can't be with us when we are away, we are glad they are in the care of the Kountry Pet Resort's Team.

Bill and Jennifer Tomilin-Crystal Lake

kylie.jpgKylee is always happy when we pick her up.  She loves her stay at Kountry Pet Resort!

Jill Edsen-Algonquin



Thank you for taking such good care of Zoey while we were out of town.  As much as I hated to leave her behind, I have the feeling she had a good time playing with her new canine buddies and her pals at Kountry Pet Resort.  When she got home, she visited every room in the house and is now taking one, long nap!

 I have recommended your facility to others.  Though it's a trek from Naperville, I felt it was worth it.  We'll see you again when our plans take us out of town and Zoey can't join us...

 Give your staff our best ~

 Warm regards,  Lynne Staley and family

lily.jpgOur dane Lilly provides us with unconditional love.  One of the ways we re-pay Lilly is by sending her to Kountry Pet Resort for lodging and camp. Lilly goes to camp at least once per week.  Lilly runs to the front door, greets everyone affectionately and wants to be taken right back to play with her friends.  My wife and I feel so fortunate to know Kirsten and the staff, as we see and feel how much Lilly loves to go to Kountry Pet Resort.

Larry Henning

juno.JPGWe have had three generations of dogs at Kountry Pet Resort.  Our elderly lab, Midnight, enjoyed quiet walks when she boarded here.  Our lab/husky mix, Shorty, boarded here on a regular basis for about 8 years and came home each time looking fit and healthy.  Our newest German Shepherd puppy, Juno, came for the first time to day camp to help prepare for boarding.  This worked out even better than we had anticipated as the day camp helped to socialize her with other dogs, something that she had no opportunity for at home.  Now she is a "Kamp Kountry Pet Resort" regular and drags me in from the parking lot so she can run to the back to be with her friends. 
What can I say- the best boarding and daycare kennel around!
Warren and Marile Fairbanks

The staff at Kountry Pet Resort are friendly, knowledgeable, and treat my dog Bo as if he were their own.  The facilities are clean and provide my dog a home away from home.  I'm confident when my dog visits Kamp Kountry Pet Resort or is boarded, he's in good hands.  I would recommend Kountry Pet Resort to anyone.
Mike Rice

Murphy has enjoyed daycare at Kountry Pet Resort since he was 3 months old.  He loves spending the day with his doggie friends and the staff.  The staff is absolutely wonderful!  I know that Murphy is well cared for, safe, and loved when he is at Kountry Pet Resort-whether he is playing at daycare or spending a week as a resort guest.  We love the staff and they love their clients!
Kevin and Robin Smith

We have been with Kountry Pet Resort for over 20 years starting with our first rottweiler Lacey and now with our current rottweiler, Sadie.  We can not say enough good things about the caring staff and the facility but just to give a few words, pleasant, caring, loving, thoughtful are just a few that come to mind.  From the moment you walk into the facility you are greeted with a friendly welcome and treated like family.  Kirsten, Christina, Jerid and the rest of the staff all go well beyond our expectations of taking care of Sadie.  We prefer Kountry Pet Resort taking care of her over some of our friends and family.  
Sadie has been using the "KAMP" since she was 6 weeks old and is currently 2 years old. She LOVES to go to camp, and we can tell by the way Sadie runs to the car and then to their front door to see/play with all her friends. We enjoy arriving early just to watch her play.  We can tell that our pup has had a wonderful day when she falls sound asleep in the car on her way home.
Karrie and Carl Schloemer